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What is a Diva?

Divas. The term is sometimes used with a negative connotation, especially in the entertainment industry. But contrary to this, the term was originally used to describe a woman of rare, outstanding talent. It derives from the Italian word “diva” meaning “goddess” or “fine lady". And that is exactly what Print Divas is all about.

Charisse and Ther, the women behind Print Divas are divas in their own right. Both are exceptionally creative and talented women. Best friends since high school days, they’ve worked on school projects utilizing their passion for style, creativity and originality. Now as entrepreneurs, they share this passion with brides-to-be creating masterpieces with the combined elements of fab designs and stunning photography.

The marriage license is obviously the most important piece of paper associated with your wedding. But it’s the stationary pieces, - the invitations, those maps and menu cards- that not only allow you to communicate with guests about your big day, but also serve as a beautiful way to set its theme. Print Divas know how important a first impression can be, and they strive to make your invitations a reflection of your personal style and individuality. There are several ways you can flaunt your personal taste and the tone of the event. Sit down with them, share your inspiration, talk about your fantasy wedding over a cup of cappuccino or macchiato, and let them customize your dream wedding invitation right down to the shade of a lipstick as your color motif.

At Print Divas, there’s an invitation for every kind of bride. Whether you’re traditional, modern, whimsical, romantic, sophisticated, or princess bride, Charisse and Ther guarantee you’ll find the perfect invitation to make you happy and feeling absolutely a diva.

Do yourself a favor. Find your inner diva.